Progress on goCI v2.1 update

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CI's mobile development team has been working on completing the changes that will roll out in the next major release of goCI.

These features include:
  1. Mobile registration for classes
  2. Pay your course fees online
  3. Computer lab availability 
For features #1 and 2 above, we've run into some roadblocks related to our integration with CI Records and user authentication. We had hoped to have these items resolved by mid-summer but due to their complexity, it is likely that they will not be complete and available until fall 2015. 

We're also excited to partner with Labstats to provide computer lab availability information via goCI. This goCI module will show how many computers are available in our two main public computer labs, both of which are located in Broome Library. This should make it easier to find out how many computers are available for use during the busiest times of the semester. 

Feel free to contact Peter Mosinskis at with any questions. 

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