goCI 2.1 is here!

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We're excited to announce that on Monday, January 16, 2017 we officially launched v2.1 of our goCI mobile app.

The updated app now includes the following 3 new modules:

"Register": now you can view your class schedule, grades from previous semesters, and browse the course catalog.

"Pay Now": pay your tuition and other fees for your student account online through the app.

"Labs": view how many computers are available in the open labs on campus (currently only Broome Library labs are listed).

We are also working on an enhancement for the "Register" module that will enable you to find classes in the course catalog, as well as add, drop and swap those classes. Testing is currently underway, and we expect to launch these enhancements in February.

Have a great idea for the goCI app? Let us know! Contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu

Progress on goCI v2.1 update

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CI's mobile development team has been working on completing the changes that will roll out in the next major release of goCI.

These features include:
  1. Mobile registration for classes
  2. Pay your course fees online
  3. Computer lab availability 
For features #1 and 2 above, we've run into some roadblocks related to our integration with CI Records and user authentication. We had hoped to have these items resolved by mid-summer but due to their complexity, it is likely that they will not be complete and available until fall 2015. 

We're also excited to partner with Labstats to provide computer lab availability information via goCI. This goCI module will show how many computers are available in our two main public computer labs, both of which are located in Broome Library. This should make it easier to find out how many computers are available for use during the busiest times of the semester. 

Feel free to contact Peter Mosinskis at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions. 

goCI v2.0 is now available

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Along with today's wireless upgrade announcement, we also pleased to release v2.0 of the goCI app for iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

goCI v2.0 was completely re-built from the ground-up using the Modo Labs Kurogo platform and provides some important new updates, including:

  • improved map and wayfinding capabilities; 
  • a more flexible, tablet-friendly interface; and 
  • better support for Windows phones and other mobile web devices, via m.csuci.edu 
The last change is probably the biggest: now you can access most of the features of the goCI native app using the web browser on your smartphone. Just visit the goCI mobile site, located at m.csuci.edu.
We are still working on some big updates for goCI v2.1, (including mobile course registration and payment), which will continue throughout the summer. Our implementation team is working with our partner Modo Labs to resolve some technical limitations relating to how CI Records (our student records system) authenticates & communicates with goCI.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions or comments about goCI v2.0, and thanks for your ongoing support in making CI a more mobile-friendly campus.

goCI v2.0 is coming!

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We're pleased to announce our partnership with Modo Labs to bring the next version of the goCI mobile app to the CI community, and to let you know that a new version of the goCI mobile app is coming soon.

The Modo Labs Kurogo platform was selected for its flexibility in delivering mobile content to the campus community in an efficient, organized and scalable way.

The Technology & Communication mobile development team has been working with Modo Labs implementation staff since January to migrate data and functionality to the new platform, and complete testing in anticipation of our next release.

Updates to the app include:

  • improved map and wayfinding capabilities; 
  • a more flexible, tablet-friendly interface; and 
  • better support for Windows phones and other mobile web devices. 
goCI v2.0 is expected to launch in early April, with additional functionality (including mobile course registration and payment) which is expected to roll out this summer.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu with any questions about goCI v2.0.

goCI, CI's mobile app for iOS and Android is here!

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After several months of development, we're pleased to announce that goCI, CI's official mobile app, is now available for iOS and Android devices. goCI helps students, employees and campus visitors get fast, easy access to the campus directory, map, events calendar, and much more! Visit the goCI support page to download the free app and to learn more.

It's the first version of the app, so there are some bugs that we know about (listed on the goCI support page). Rest assured, we're working closely with our partner Blackboard on fixing these bugs as quickly as possible. If you come across any other problems or have a suggestion for a new feature, feel free to report them using the goCI Mobile Feedback form

A native campus mobile app is coming!

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We're pleased to announce that we've recently engaged Blackboard to help us deliver a native mobile app for the campus using the Mosaic platform. The platform was selected for its ease of use and flexibility for delivering commonly-used information to the campus community.

A small team of Technology & Communication staff met today to discuss next steps in development of the application, and to examine which standard modules might be developed and deployed for the initial app release.

The initial release of the campus app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other formats is expected to occur during spring 2013. Check back here for additional updates.

Mobile printing now available for students and employees

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In case you missed the announcement in the August 22 issue of Wavelength, Technology & Communication is very pleased to announce a new service to enable students and employees to print documents from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Printing from any of these devices is a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Attach any documents you want to print to an email from your official CI email address and send the email & attachments to:
    PrintBW@csuci.edu for black-and-white printing; OR
    PrintCOLOR@csuci.edu for color printing

  2. You'll receive an automated email reply from "Pharos Mobile Printing" confirming that your document is ready to be released.
  3. Finally, go to any MobilePrint-compatible printer on campus and release your print job using your DolphinOne Card
MobilePrint-compatible printers are located throughout Broome Library and many other spaces on campus.
You must complete the release of your print job at a MobilePrint printer within 2 hours, otherwise you'll need to re-send via email again (as described in Step #1 above).

Need more information? Visit the T&C Mobile Printing web page