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Neat mobile-related infographics

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Several interesting infographics related to mobile technology:

Mobile Future's App Infographic

Texas A&M's "Why Go Mobile" web site: one of the best summary examples of a mobile strategy for an campus organization that I've found

ECAR 2012 Survey Infographic (in PDF format) or visit the ECAR 2012 Survey web site

Delivering content and services to mobile devices

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The article helps illustrate the challenges that universities face in selecting and implementing the best approach. For example, native apps for iOS and Android devices are sleek, speedy and can leverage native phone functions (like GPS, camera, calendar and SMS) more effectively, but they are more costly and time-consuming to maintain. A well-designed responsive web site provides an improved mobile experience for all platforms (smartphone, tablet, and desktop/laptop) and benefits from a single, unified code base and centralized content. Its dependence on the web for data retrieval can slow things down somewhat. Standalone mobile apps are somewhere in the middle, but may or may not be a worthwhile compromise. In any case, it’s a place to start the conversation about how we combine responsive web site design, standalone mobile web sites and mobile apps into a unified campus strategy for mobile. 

Mobile Strategy forum follow-up

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On Thursday March 14, 27 students, faculty and staff met for the CI Open Forum on Mobile Strategy, and engaged in lively and thoughtful discussion of the challenges and opportunities CI faces in building a mobile campus and the future of mobile technology at CI.

As requested by forum participants, we’ll be sharing some narrated videos about mobile terminology, concepts and considerations on this same web site in the near future.

In the meanwhile, if you have any further thoughts, questions or comments about making CI more mobile-friendly, please feel free to contact Peter Mosinskis at